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Graduation June 5th, 1958




Interesting Trivia from Jeno Landis, a former member of the FRANTICS.
"I noticed that you included the FRANTICS "Dolton" Album that EMI did last year.  We also had some real good songs on "Boles" Label.  The Recordings on this Album were just the Dolton Recordings.
It might be appropriate to included three of The FRANTICS photo's that show Chuck Schoning, and myself as we were Shoreline Graduates.  The other guys were from Lincoln High.
You might want to mention "In Memory Of:  Chuck Schoning (keyboard), Bob Hosko (Sax), Don Fulton (Drums) have all passed away.  Ron Peterson (Lead Guitar, and Leader) Lives in Arizona, Jim Manoledes Lives in Seattle, and I live in California.  Joel Goodman, who was the drummer during High School, is alive and well, and lives in Mill Creek.   I communicate regularly with Joel, and Ron. 
Here is a little Trivia, that most all of our classmates may not know, The FRANTICS, Co-Wrote and were the Original Sound Tract to "Dream Lover" with Bobby Darin.  The FRANTICS were Bobby's back up group while he was promoting Splish Splash (his 1st big hit).  The recording was done at Joe Boles Studio's in West Seattle. 
The Frantic's, was the first White band to play in an all Black night club in Seattle.  The famous "Birdland".  Some of those that the Frantic's played with, toured, or backed:  Fleetwoods, Bobby Darin, Brenda Lee,  Bobby Vinton, Bobby Rydell, Johnny Tillifson, Fabian, Frankie Valli, Four Seasons, Gene Vincent, Bobby Goldsbourgh, Roy Orbison.  Jimmy Hendricks, Ray Stevens, Dinah Washington, Chubby Checkers, just to name a few.

Bobby did try to get the FRANTICS name included on this label (FRANTICS would have received royalties), but RCA said "no way",  RCA paid the FRANTICS recording time money.  RCA, identified they used other musicians on the new Master Copy. Ron Peterson created that one of a kind fantastic guitar sound, if that was not Ron's original guitar on the Master cut, who ever did it, sure had copied it to a tee. A few years later Bobby Darin was being interviewed by Rhino Records, and was asked who played Keyboard on Dream Lover, he answered Neil Sedaka (Neil was on RCA as well).  Again, it sure was an identical match for Chucks original key board?
RCA, did add the back-up Vocal Singers to the recording.  If RCA really used someone else they copied the Original Sound Track to an absolute match." It did not make sense to pay someone else when the original sound track was so good.  Record companies did many unethical things back in those days, ha! ha!. The record "Dream Lover", was Bobby Darin's biggest single hit, and is still being played often and sold regularly."
Lois & Al Harwood (Lagerstedt)

2008 Shoreline Center Reunion

These photos were taken as our classmates arrived at the Shoreline Center for our reunion.  If you would like any photo, we will e-mail you a copy of either a uncompressed 3072x2048 pixel or 1024 x 683 pixel size.  More photos will be posted for the reunion and picnic soon.  If you have photos you would like to share you can e-mail them to us as below.

Photos by Leroy and Brenda Harwood

2008 Shoreline Center Reunion Candid Photos

Photos are by Rob MacGregor - Leroy and Brenda Harwood - Kris MacPerson (Links)
Crystal Lake Lodge

2008 Reunion Crystal Lake Lodge Picnic

Photos by Al Harwood - Rob MacGregor - Kris MacPherson (Links) - Wendy Soule (Delacy)

2008 Reunion Golf Tournament

This is a luncheon prior to the golfer's play at the Harbour Pointe golf course.

Photos by Rob MacGregor.

Richmond Beach School Reunion 2008

Photos provided by Kris MacPherson (Links) - Wendy Soule (Goble)

Reunion Series - Beginning to End 2008

This complete set courtesy of Toni Kowalski (Shetler) and Joe Gerstner.